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Modom brand items

Originates from Victoria Australia famous for cold big surf conditions , so you know its going to be tested. Mark Mathews, Tommy Whitiker, and Jack Freestone ride for them and they produce leashes, deckgrips, and board bags. We have supported this brand since it started , they make good shit and are a surfer core driven company the real stuff in this shareholder shit driven age!
Modom TOM WHITAKER- 2 PieceModom TOM WHITAKER- 2 PieceModom TOM WHITAKER- 2 PieceModom TOM WHITAKER- 2 PieceModom LogoModom 2011 TOM WHITAKER- 2 Piece
Description: This is Tommy Whitakers signature model. Modom deck grips have you heard about these? Thats why the Boarding Co is cutting edge. Crib gear and damn high quality deck grips
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Modom ZEBRA 3 PieceModom ZEBRA 3 PieceModom LogoModom 2010 ZEBRA 3 Piece
Description: Aqua/grey zebra, 3 Piece Deck Grip 20mm High Back , 5mm arch bar.
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Modom DIAMONDS -3 PieceModom DIAMONDS -3 PieceModom LogoModom 2010 DIAMONDS -3 Piece
Description: 3 Piece 20 MM high Back bar and 5 mm arch bar.
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