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Station Shop (Retail) Open Hours
Open dates and hours change regularly; please check back close to the relevent date if you are travelling from a distance.
Custom surfboards are available at WWW.WARNERSURFBOARDS.JP or can be arranged by appointment.
Sun 04-2212:0018:00
Mon 04-2310:0016:00
Tue 04-24Shop Closed
Wed 04-2510:0016:30
Thu 04-2610:0016:30
Fri 04-2710:0016:30
Sat 04-2812:0018:00
Sun 04-2912:0018:00
Mon 04-3012:0018:00
Tue 05-0110:0016:30
Wed 05-0210:0015:00
Thu 05-0312:0018:00
Fri 05-0412:0018:00
Sat 05-0512:0018:00
Sun 05-0612:0018:00